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Tax Strategy and Compliance Services

Our objective is to obtain the most beneficial tax position for our clients and avoid IRS and State Audits.

Tax returns that contain errors, extraneous and inconsistent information is much more likely to be selected for additional examination or audit. Our tax services focus on planning prior to year-end. That is when it can be most profitable and effective. Our goal is to help our clients select the most beneficial tax structure to realize the tax savings in the current year and each year going forward.

We represent our clients before the collections and examination divisions of the IRS and State agencies.

  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Individuals Tax Returns
  • Non-Profit Tax Preparation
  • Application for Non-Profit Tax Exemption Status
  • Trust, Gift and Estate Tax Returns
  • Non-Resident Tax Returns
  • Foreign Bank & Financial Account Reporting (FBAR)
  • Tax Returns for Foreign Corporations
  • US Persons with Respect to Foreign Partnerships
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion for US persons
  • US Citizens Living Abroad
  • US Expatriation Tax Advice
  • Cross Border Taxation Strategies

John L Mottram CPA LLC are up-to-date on the US Tax Code and Foreign country Tax Treaties including continuous changes to tax interpretations and tax incentives. We are also equipped to file multi-state tax returns both as residents and non-residents individual and companies. When you receive an IRS notice be sure to contact us.

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